Ways to Motivate the Lazy Employee

The most thing managers suffer from in the companies is the presence of a lazy employee who doesn’t like to do their duties and delay them until the last minute which affects negatively the company’s performance. To start we have to ask some questions about the reason of the laziness of the employee, has he/she been lazy since the beginning or have they changed during work?

Therefore, we present this article to let you know who the lazy people around you are whether they are colleagues, employees or even managers.

Characteristics of the lazy employee:

The lazy employee is often a person who always tries to find all excuses to avoid doing his/her duties and responsibilities.

He is always fidgeting from work and trying to avoid it and put obstacles in front of any process he performs in order to succeed in getting rid of doing it, and he is idle, sluggish and slow.

The effect of a lazy employee on team work:

A lazy employee affects the progress of the operations in the companies, he/she frustrates any work plan for the team due to their laziness in doing their duties. He/ She doesn’t care about the plans success and doesn’t care about achieving goals which makes their work in a team more harmful than useful.

The ways of dealing with a lazy employee and the appropriate methods to motivate them:

Bill Gates says: I always choose the lazy person to do the difficult mission, because he is going to find an easy way to do it.

When we describe an employee as lazy, it doesn’t mean that you should get rid of them but we are trying to help you to find appropriate ways to deal with them and motivate them as Bill Gates said they were going to find the easiest way to do the mission. Here are several advice to deal with them:

1. Find out the reason of their laziness: The first step to solve any problem is to know its reason so, if you don’t know it, the infection may spread to the whole team. In addition, knowing the reason makes you find the right solution faster.

2. Define the responsibilities he/she has to do clearly: A lazy employee needs to be always reminded of his duties so you should assign them clear missions and remind them to do them. Specify a goal and ensure their acceptance on the goal in order not to put obstacles during doing their work.

3. Provide the employees with training which help them to develop: providing training which develop your team work is the best investment you do because it motivates them to develop, do their duties and gain loyalty so they will earn your trust more and achieve the work on time.

4. Put some consequences for inaction: first make sure of providing all success ingredients then put some rules and policies which will result when they don’t do their job and tell them the consequences which will happen when he procrastinated in doing their duties on time.

At the end the only solution to the lazy employee case may be to let them go and make up for them with another active employee, in case that all ways and methods don’t work.

Was this article from Solarya useful? If you know a lazy employee share these information with them and help them to get rid of their laziness.

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