Choose Your Magic Wand

In a random corner in the designing world, you will find yourself facing one of the most important options which you should make, it is your first option, the option which will determine your way during your designing journey.

Illustrator or Photoshop?

When do you use the magic of Photoshop and when do you use the smart Illustrator tricks?

What is the difference between these two most popular applications from Adobe?

Solarya will answer the previous questions in this article.

Choosing the appropriate magic wand depends on the project you are going to start with, the thing you want to create, the message and the purpose of your design.

Illustrator and Photoshop are considered as the most used applications in graphic design and both are considered powerful tools which allow designers to create their own work.

There are several main differences between these two applications in terms of the used file format and the special suffix in each of them, the used image format and other differences that we are going to talk about in detail.

The first difference:

In Photoshop normal photos are used with the extensions (jpg,png,gif) which are small connected pixels to form the full image, while Illustrator uses photos with extensions (SVG) which are dots and lines called (Victor).

The second difference:

The second difference is the most important difference between these two types which is accuracy change when you change photo sizes, as you zoom in a pixelated photo it becomes less clear and has uneven edges. Whereas when changing sizes of Victor type photo, the photo remains clear and has even edges whatever it is resized.

The third difference:

Illustrator has printing options more advanced than Photoshop where you can create shapes with borders in Photoshop while you can’t do the same in Illustrator.

The fourth difference:

The purpose of using these two applications differs according to the purpose of design:

When your mission is designing a logo to a specific company; you are facing a mission that requires you to design a simple shape with even edges, changeable dimensions while keeping its shape clear.

Or, the purpose may be to create an artistic painting or catchy social media posts which have a lot of details, colors and shapes, then you need to use Photoshop.

Photoshop is often used for the following tasks:

1. Creating photos and artwork.

2. Editing photos

3. Creating templates

4. Designing WEB photos

5. Creating Cartoons

While Illustrator is used for:

1. Designing Logos

2. Drawing characters

3. Creating and innovating icons

4. Helping in creating files and presentations

And now say “Abracadabra”, choose your magic wand and go ahead to draw your way of creativity as we do at Solarya!

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